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Graphic Design Process: Inspire ~ Create ~ Design

on October 25, 2012

The Graphic Design Process is your roadmap to success. New Day Graphics understands Quality Design and the message your audience receives.

Visually, we can communicate your personality, vision, products and services to the world before you even meet them. This is what provokes action in the customers you want before they even know they want what you have and make you memorable.  Your look and feel must be across all mediums,print and web alike in order for Your Brand to be successful. There is one area that is often missed. Your Culture – how your business operates on a day to day basis. Everything must reflect Your Brand, even when someone meets you for the first time or comes into your place of business.

Step #1:
  • What is your budget? Money matters! It determines the outcome of your goals and vision of your brand.
  • What is your target deadline? Be thoughtful of this point, the graphic design process takes time and the scope of your project will determine whether your target date is attainable.
Step #2:
  • Set up a meeting with usInitially, allow an hour in your schedule. We will take this opportunity to learn more about your business, talk about your ideas and how we can bring those to fruition.
  • Determine if we can work together and make a commitment. Our goal is to be an extension of your business and to meet your needs effectively.
Step #3:
  • Initial Concept Presentation – First look at what we’ve created for you. We’ll explain our design and give you time to form an impression before we get your feedback. It’s always a good idea to sleep on it before making a decision and then put together a list of any revisions, if any, you’d like to address.
Step #4:
  • Revisions. This is where we fine tune your design. Font usage, color scheme, images and copy to suit your style and business needs.
Step #5:
  • Approval for your project. Once we have your final approval, we will  prepare print-ready files for you to have printed. Call us today to start your graphic design process.We can work with the printer of your choice on your behalf  or through our recommended suppliers.
  • Important to note: All designs created by New Day Graphics are custom graphic design concepts and all artwork belongs to you, the client, upon receipt of final payment and project completion.

Call us today or visit our website, New Day Graphics, to start your graphic design process.


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